InboxParser is an online platform to allow you to easily integrate the applications you already use by automating the parsing and extracting of data from your emails and webhooks messages.We take your extracted data and make it easy to integrate with other applications.

So what's how does this work ?
  • Message: Forward your email and webhook notifications that contains your important information that need to be parsed.
  • Parser: Setup your parser field by marking the information that needs to be extracted from your webhooks and emails.
  • Action: We then take the parsed fields and performs certain actions by sending the data where ever you want.

InboxParser makes email message parsing and webhook message parsing, EASY!

If you haven’t yet, you can get started by creating a InboxParser account here:

The Workflow

The following workflow applies to email messages and webhook API messages.

Setting up your inbox has six main steps:

  1. Identify the email/webhook message and the data to be extracted.
  2. Create a new inbox and note the unique InboxParser inbox address.
  3. Update your application to send the mssage to your InboxParser inbox.
  4. Forward the message to InboxParser.
  5. Add a parser field for each data to be extracted.
  6. Create one or more outgoing action. Example, send a new message, add the extracted data to a file or send a webhook message to another application API.