Let's give you a quick look around the software. When you log in, the first screen you will be brought to is the dashboard. 

  • Dashboard 
    • Activity - here you will find some valuable information about what you have configured in your account and what thresholds you have used during the current cycle.
    • Mailbox - here you can create new email address and setup the parser fields and actions.
    • Webhook - here you can create new webhook address and setup the parser fields and actions.

  • Support
    This is our knowledge base where you will find articles, videos and you can contact our support team

  • Account
    • Account Settings - here you control your preferences and contact information.
    • Subscription - here you can upgrade or downgrade your plan anytime.
    • Mail Server - here you can use your own mail server instead of ours.
    • oAuth Tokens - you can connect to third party applications and webhook API.

On the left you have options for parsing data from emails or webhooks. Many of our users end up utilizing both of these. Depending on your data source, check either the email page or webhook page next.